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"We Do Community Building Through Puerto Rican Cultural Expressions"

Cultura Plenera is a non-profit organization dedicated to community building in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia areas through the traditional Puerto Rican musical styles of Bomba and Plena. Bomba is a Puerto Rican musical genre that dates back more than 300 years, has heavy African influences, and expresses the sentiments of Puerto Ricans and their culture through barrel drums, maraca, cúa, singer and dancers. Plena is another Puerto Rican musical genre, which dates back more than 100 years, and also narrates stories of the Puerto Rican experience through hand drums, güiro and singers. Both Bomba y Plena are central to life in Puerto Rican communities inside and outside of the island.

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Cultura Plenera is home to Los Hijo 'e Plena, a Bomba and Plena performance ensemble that offer educational and musical programming intended to nurture audiences with both small and informal performances, and main stage productions. Cultura Plenera also offers opportunities for community building in Cultura Plenera-hosted events such as our Bomba y Plena en el Parque series and our yearly Fiesta Boricua. Our mission has been to strengthen our communities by promoting awareness of Puerto Rico’s contribution to the universal musical tapestry through quality educational presentations and authentic Bomba and Plena performances.

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Cultura Plenera Board Members:

Angel Rivera, Xiomara Rivera, Albita Rivera, Edwin Maysonet, JB Sotomayor, Melany Rivera, Carlos Hernández, Julie Perocier, Crystal Rivera, Edgardo Roman, Denise Ramos, Jose Ocasio, Josarie Molina, Garwin Zamora, Julia Gutierrez, Luis Figueroa, Margarita Figueroa, Kevin Acosta, Wanda Acosta, Sasha Vazquez, Andrés Lopez, Joel Cruz, Lyssette Cruz, and Lizbeth Portalatin.

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